New Names and Updates To A New Hope Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi

Well its been a rough week for me I’ve been well under the weather and generally out of the game. I managed to Get my friend Mark’s stuff sent back to Belgium so the Bounty Hunter is happy, and its mission accomplished.

I haven’t posted on the Blog as I really didn’t have the will to stay awake long enough, but i’m on the mend so here goes, firstly NEW NAMES

I added Henry Roberts (Rebel Leader) Martyn Read (Storm Trooper)  Michael O’Hagon (Stormtrooper) and Irene Lamb (Casting Director) to A New Hope, plus Irene Lamb To Empire Strikes Back  and also John Simpkin (Klatuu) and Paul Springer (Ree Yees) to Return Of The Jedi

Secondly, Updates

I posted updates to Drewe Henley (Red Leader) Paul Blake (Greedo) John Chapman (Drifter) Pam Rose (Leesub Sirln) Michael Leader (Storm Trooper)  for A New Hope, Richard Bonehill (Hoth Rebel Soldier) and  Colin Skeaping (Luke Stunt double)  for Empire Strikes Back , plus Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar) for Return Of The Jedi

More up dates tomorrow along with the Start of uploading The Phantom Menace Section


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