New Names and Updates For 23.07.2011 Larry Sheppard and John Andrew Beron Jr

A much smaller update today as I’ve had other things going on. Firstly two new  names, Larry Sheppard (stormtrooper) and  John Andrew Beron Jr (Visual effects) both for A New Hope

Plus some updates as follows

A New Hope = Sadie Eden (Reegesk)  Chris Muncke (Captain Khurgee) Ted Western (Merc Sunlet) Stephen Calcutt (Vader Double) Drewe Henley (Red Leader)

The Empire Strikes Back = Wendy Midener (Yoda) and Martin Dew (Bespin Guard)

Return of the Jedi = Alan Flyng (Imperial Officer) and Mike Edmonds (Logray)

Also I’ve updated private signed photos from the following

Pam Rose, Peter Roy, Dave Prowse, Chris Muncke, Ted Western and Jeremy Bulloch

I also received a nice surprise from Gil Taylor today which i’ll post images tomorrow, hopefully.



Larry Sheppard as a StormTrooper Starwars AutographedJohn Andrew Berton Jr. Starwars Autograph


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