New Phantom Menace Names added for 12.08.2011

Good evening everyone, the weekend is here at last, its been a very slow week autograph wise, I’m waiting on a few things through the post but they haven’t materialised which is alarming , but with  good old Royal mail who can tell when or even if they will get here.

I had a cool weekend last Saturday with my friend Brian Wheeler, Brian is a Top Bloke who you lot know as a Jawa and an Ewok, in Return of the Jedi , he’s a good friend and came down with his scrap book. There were some photos in there that still have me dribbling now, cheers Brian. By the way that Revenge Crew sweat shirt still has my name on it mate.

Anyway a few quick updates for tonight.

For the Phantom Menace I’ve added as follows

Martin Bou Mansour (Naboo Security)  Sergio Marini (Starship Tech) Alethea Mcgrath (Jocasta Nu)  Terry McGovern (Mars Guo)  Ian McDiarmid ( Emperor Palpatine) and lastly Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan Kenobi)

so that sums up another week

Please check out my main autograph collecting site as its my whole collection on there  and I’m updating  it daily. Its a work in progress but thanks to my Friend Will, its looking good (Thanks mate )

so for now its good night and :MTFBWY: all

Martin Bou Mansour AutographSergio Marini Starwars AutographAlethea McGrath Starwars AutographTerry Mcgovern Starwars AutographIan McDiarmid Starwars AutographEwan McGregor Starwars Autograph


1 thought on “New Phantom Menace Names added for 12.08.2011

  1. Lori Petrini says:

    Hi Dave, I’m the PR Representative for Tippett Studio. I’m trying to get a hold of you regarding your request for Phil Tippett’s autograph but I do not have information for you other than your mailing address. Will you please shoot me an email?


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