Clay Hunter and Monty Scott – Stormtrooper signing

Its with great pleasure that I am able to tell you that the Signing with Brother Clay Hunter and Monty Scott was a great Success. Both Clay and Monty are in their eighties and handled the whole signing thing beautifully.

Dave Louis Oldbury, Monty Scott and Clay Hunter

They are both veterans of the film industry with a list of credits as long as your arm, so you can understand their amusement when i first approached them about their roles as Stormtroopers, roles which at the time they passed off as just another job.

Clay was in fact a Stormtrooper in both A new hope and Return of the jedi, where he was joined by Monty who also donned the white armour.
One of Clays earliest recollections was taking a very wet behind the ears Peter Mayhew to get signed up to the actors union, a fact that he is very proud of.He recalled the first time he wore the Stormtroopers helmet and thinking in his words “Bloody Hell why is everything Green” of course referring to the Green perspex used in the original helmets as visors. He recalled another time when he was desperate to answer the call of nature and had to shed the armour pretty quick, only to find that here was not a dresser available to help him suit back up, he was met by howls of laughter on his return to set as he had managed to put the cod piece on the wrong way around

Monty was very much the same telling stories of when they saw Film director Michael Winner with his wife strolling in a park in London, it was two good an opportunity to miss, both Monty and clay hid behind a nearby set of bushes and, did their best Michael Winner impressions as loud as they could “You there don’t look at the camera”!!!!!
Needless to say they laughed as a red faced infuriated Michael Winner stared around in desperation trying to locate the cheeky culprits

They took to signing like ducks to water every photo being met with a recollection of  their involvement with a film they saw at the time as just another job., but I think both mine and Grahams and Dave enthusiasm by the end of the day managed to bring some sense of realization as to the enormity of what those films mean and just how grateful the world is to guys like Clay and Monty for donning the costumes and Armour that gave us all our dreams and fantasies fulfilled as children and beyond.
Its with a very Happy heart and broad smile that I say thank you Clay Hunter and Monty Scott for your time your effort and most of all for being legends in my universe.

Clay Hunter StormTrooper ANH and ROTJ Clay hunteri Monty Scott Kris Hancock2 Monty Scott Stormtrooper ROTJ



More signings coming soon but for now the Burnley fan fun day is on the horizon and ill be providing a detailed blog of that early next week
So until then Have fun be safe and MTFBWY





Dave Louis Oldbury

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  1. Kathleen Hawkins says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’m working on a feature about Star Wars memorabilia and would love to include some photos of your collection? Do you have some you could send me if you are happy with that? I’m more than happy to credit you.

    My email is [email protected] so please get in touch if you are happy with that!



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