A couple of updates for today 04.08.2011

Firstly an apology as I’ve been working on things flat out and I’m just too knackered to do anything remotely enjoyable like updating things, shame on me.

I added a couple of new Phantom Menace signatures tonight, Lindsay Duncan, Nick Gillard and Andrew Elias.

There’s also a nice addition of Gary Kurtz (Producer) on a multi signed Boba Fett piece I’m working on from :ESB:

My favourite is a New Kenny Baker (R2D2) image From A New Hope its an Official Pix shot and looks glorious.

I also had an amazing night yesterday. I met Michael Pennington (Moff Jerjerrod) from Return of the Jedi and the Amazing Sir Ian Mckellen who needs no introduction, they were both in a play and I got to speak with them briefly afterwards. Two very cool guys who very generously signed some items for me. I’m forever in their debt.

Well, roll on the weekend. I’ll try and get the main site nearly done, as for now….

:MTFBWY:  all


Nick Gillard Starwars AutographAndrew Elias Starwars AutographTC14 Lindsay Duncan Autograph

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