Shane Rimmer,Irene Lamb,Peter Roy,Gil Taylor,Wendy Midener

Well its been a day for scanning today so I didn’t get to add a lot. I’ve continued to update the Phantom Menace section so there’s a few nice bits to look at there and a couple of original trilogy updates as follows.

A New Hope = an nice crisp picture of Shane Rimmer ( X-Wing Tech) a new Irene Lamb generic image (casting Director)  also Peter Roy (Rebel Tech) plus two new Gil Taylor (Cinematographer) images that will form part of  a big update some when this week when I have time to add the rest.

Empire Strikes Back  = Just two new OP Yoda shots but they’re nice (more to come)

that’s about it for today. I will be adding a wants list if anyone can help me please feel free to get in touch

In the mean time MTFBWY all


Shane Rimmer Starwars AutographPeter Roy Starwars Autograph

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