Updates: Michael Pennington, Rodney Cardiff, Ken Coombs/Paul Markham

Hi there!

A small update as I’ve been slacking lately.

So we have two new Michael Pennington (Moff Jerjerrod) signatures added to a Rodney Cardiff photo and also A Ken Coombs/Paul Markham image as well

Secondly A New Bobba Fett image from Jeremy Bulloch. You can never have enough Bobbas

And lastly and my favourite, a new Alan Harris Rebel Officer/Leia’s escort photo, from that even he hadn’t seen before so I’m chuffed with that one.
I have a few more to add over the next few days, plus I aim to start uploading my stuff.
Any ways, as always :MTFBWY:

Jeremy Bulloch Bobba Fett Starwars AutographMichael Pennington Starwars AutographAlan Harris Starwars Autograph

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