New Names and updates (Irvin Kershner,Debbie Lee Carrington,Bronagh Galagher)

Hello. Its a cool update today with three new names and and three very nice updates


New Names As Follows


Irvin Kirshner Starwars Autograph

Empire Strikes Back, Irvin Kershner, I’ve waited a long time for one of these but its a lovely photo so I’m thrilled


Debbie Lee Carrington Starwars Autograph

Return of the Jedi, Debbie Lee Carrington, another one I’ve been missing for many years, cool to get her at last


Bronagh Gallagher Starwars Autograph

The Phantom Menace, Bronagh Gallagher, I’ve been after her for ages with no luck and now she does a show, Great stuff .


Additions to as follows


Rick Baker Starwars Autograph

A New Hope , Rick Baker another way cool example of Ricks work from the cantina scene


Ian Durrant Starwars Autograph

Empire Strikes Back, Ian Durrant, A Hoth Rebel Falcon Tech shot. Thanks to Greg for that one


Joss Gower Starwars Autograph

The Phantom Menace, Joss Gower a very nice photo signed by liam Neesons stunt man, again massive thanks to Greg

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