Jack Purvis – Enough said!

Good evening.

Well I’ve been meaning to add these for a while now, it was just a question of finding the right moment

I’ve added my two Jack Purvis signatures because I really think everybody should know what a great guy he really was and the roles he had in my five favourite films from my childhood and early years.

Jack Purvis was Chief Jawa in A New Hope. He was Head Ugnaught in Empire Strikes Back and also Teebo the Medicine Man Ewok in Return of The Jedi

Jack Purvis
Jack Purvis

He was Wally in Time Bandits and he was also in the Goblin Corps in Labryinth.

I will be doing a Blog article shortly on Jack as he really is one of my Heros

but for now enjoy the signatures and :MTFBWY: all


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