Digby Milner and David Watkins

This is probably one of the nicest photos I’ve added in a very long time. Its been dual signed by both Digby Milner and the Bearded David Watkins in this scene from the Dagobah swamp From :ESB:

Digby Milner and David Watkins
Autographed by SFX gurus David Watkins and Digby Milner

Both Digby and David Watkins formed part of the British SFX team that put so much into that amazing film

That’s all for today look out for some Big Updates in the coming weeks



12 thoughts on “Digby Milner and David Watkins

  1. Dave Louis Oldbury on Facebook says:

    Its a Rare shot Mate i think David Watkins has been a bit ill by the sound of things, talking of great shots i love how many signatures youve added to that Harris Shot that you wanted it looks great mate


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