Dennis Lowe,Roger Nichols and Ron Hone added to Wendy Midener Yoda photos

Todays Blog entry is a major update for some Yoda shots from Empire Strikes Back .

I was lucky enough to visit Dennis Lowe who worked on the Yoda anamatronic puppet as well as most of the [amazon asin=B003AQBYUG&text=Alien films&chan=default], whilst there I was lucky enough to also meet Roger Nichols who was the genius behind the motorised R2 units as well as working on yoda to a degree. They were both very gracious in adding their signatures to some new images, as well as some existing ones that had already been signed by Wendy Midener, the Yoda puppet fabricator

I was lucky enough to meet the super talented Ron Hone in London again recently and couldn’t miss the chance to get his name added either


these are just a couple of the images that have been updated if you go to the main site you can see all the thirteen new updates by pressing the relevant photos and names

There will be some totally new Yoda pictures added tomorrow

Thank you for looking

:MTFBWY:  all


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