Cathy Ernster

A Generic Crowd scene shot signed by Cathy Ernster.

Whilst the addition of Miss Ernsters autograph is a very welcome addition to my collection, the amount I paid and the circumstances that this signature were obtained left a bitter taste in my mouth. This is in no way directed to Miss Ernster who is totally beyond reproach in the matter. I direct my anger towards the charlatans that arranged and portrayed the image to be signed as a personal one off photo of Miss Ernster, not just a bog standard :TPM: crowd scene that any performing monkey could have printed off on their own printer!

The fact that they masked the Extortionate amount behind a charity appeal makes it even worse, as i’d have quite happily given them the money anyway, there’s a saying that you live and learn, well I certainly did over this one. lol

Cathy Ernster Starwars Autograph



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