Ali Keshavji Autograph

A New Revenge of the Sith signature added today.

I have to thank Ali Keshavji, so much for his help over this autograph.

When I asked him to sign he happily agreed and asked me to send it to him in Malta where he was busy filming. Unfortunately it took me a while to get the photos back from OP and when I sent them to him I didn’t realise that Ali had in fact returned to England.

But how is this for being a stand up Guy. When I explained to him what had happened Ali arranged for the photos to be sent back to England from Malta, and he signed them and returned them in perfect condition to me. All at no cost to myself at all.

There really are some wonderfully nice people in the Star wars world!

Mr Keshavji was Production Assistant on Revenge of the Sith and had a brief cameo as a fire speeder pilot.

Ali Keshavji Starwars Autograph

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